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A Retirement Process Founded By Accountants For Accountants

& Those Who Want To Reduce Financial Risks In Retirement

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"The Process Proves Itself...

Risk-Based Planning Changes LIves!"

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What You Will Learn:

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How Would Your Retirement Change If This Was You?

You Could Have...

A Retirement With...

More Time With Family

A Retirement With...

Increased Freedom To Enjoy Your Golden Years

A Retirement With...

A Greater Legacy For Good

The Benefits Of Working With Us...

We WILL Make Sure Your Retirement Plan Is...

Fully Customized,
​But Simple

Reliable & Comprehensive

Controlled By You,
​Advised By Us

Retirement is complicated, so here are

The problems we can help you solve

  • Eliminate the Top 10 Financial Risks That Destroy Retirement
  • Create A Plan That Brings Greater Peace of Mind For The Future​​
  • Avoid More Unnecessary Payments From Your Retirement Money To The Government
  • Create & Organize a Legacy for Loved Ones or Your Favorite Organizations
  • Decrease Your Chances of Running Out of Money in Retirement
  • Extend Retirement Spending Power
  • Leave A Simplified & Potentially Larger Legacy
  • Have More Time To Create Memories With Family & Friends Instead Of Stressing About Finances
  • + Much More!

Our Promise To You,

We WON'T...

  • Make You DIY Your Retirement Leaving You Unsure Of What You Need For The Future
  • Force Plans & Actions On You That You Are Not Comfortable Following Through On
  • Abandon You Through The Process Causing A High Chance Of Failure For Your Retirement Planning
  • Give You A Stock Plan That's Not Customized To Your Needs
  • Hide Access To Products & Services That Would Benefit You
  • ​Charge Hidden Fees

This Is What

we'll Do For You...

When You Start Today!

  • Give You Full Transparency (No Hidden Fees)
  • Take You Through A Thorough Onboarding Process YOUR Plan Should Match YOUR Dreams and Goals
  • Build You A Solid Retirement Fountation With Our Detailed Social Security Analysis
  • Give You A Tax Efficient Retirement Plan With Our Rigorous Tax Analysis Of Your Plan
  • Minimize Your Financial Risk Through Our Proprietary Risk Assessment That Helps You Reduces Your Exposure To The Top 10 Financial Risks In Retirement

  • Present A Fully Customized & Simple Retirement Plan That Is Easy For You AND Your Spouse To Follow & Understand
  • Educate You On What Matters Most So You Can Make Wise & Informed Decisions
  • Answer Your Questions, We Understand Just Because You Work With Numbers Every Day Doesn't Mean You Are A Master In Retirement Planning
  • Give You Our Best While Also Being Honest & Accountable In Times We Can't Help You. If We Can't Help You We Don't Deserve Your Money and We Won't Take It.

How About That?

Oh! Did we mention...

1. We Are Fully Independent Advisors

With The Freedom To Do What's Best For You...

Most advisors are not independent meaning they cannot sell you all available financial products. That's not the case for us, WE'RE INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENTS & INVESTMENT ADVISOR REPRESENTATIVES!

​We can and will help you
find the products that are best for you, because that is what we do. THIS IS YOUR RETIREMENT, not ours!

2. We Approach Planning With CARE

Small Call to Action Headline

Retirement has changed, but many advisors' approach to retirement hasn't. There are new risks today that your parents didn't have, but by using Risk-Based Planning we can help you manage them. Furthermore, we don't COPY and paste someone else's retirement plan on you. Instead we show you how much we CARE.

Our CARE Approach
C - Customize our A - Approach to R - Retirement for E - Everyone!
Most Other Advisors COPY Approach
C - Clone O - Our P - Planning on Y - You

3. We Work With Complete Transparency

It Should Be A Given, But It Isn't Always...

Many advisors get you in the door with a low fee promise on one individual service, not telling you of their hidden additional fees that can end up totaling as much as 10% + and have a significant impact on your retirement success.*

​Not us though, you know everything we charge from the start.

*Pulled From - Robbins, T. (2014). Become the Insider: Know the Rules before you Get in the Game. In Money: Master the game: 7 steps to financial freedom. essay, Simon & Schuster.

Your Package & Pricing

FREE Yearly Plan

+ A 0.5 to 1.3% Asset Management Fee

All-Inclusive Risk-Based Wealth Management Package

  • UNLIMITED Plan Iterations (For as long as you are a client)
  • ACT Based Solutions To Reduce Risks
  • Risk-Based Retirement Plan
  • Step-by-Step Roadmap
  • Detailed Social Security Analysis
  • RRA Legacy Vault
  • ​​Access To Our Team Of 100+ Experts
  • Asset Management With Quarterly Check Ins

Who Is This For?

Know It's A Good Fit From The Start...

This Is NOT For People Who...

  • Are Tirelessly Working To Pay Off Large Amounts Of Debt
  • Have NO Nest Egg, 401k, Pension, or Other Significant Retirement Fund
  • Have Financial Security Regardless of Your Actions (Sorry Jeff Bezos)​
  • Are Trying To Patch Together A DIY Retirement Plan
  • Plan To Just Have Their Family Pay For & Take Care of Everything
  • Think Quitting A Job & Doing Side Hustles Full Time Is Retirement

This IS For People Who...

  • Are Single or Married Professionals (Especially Accountants)
  • Want To Utilize Tools & Resources Only Licensed Professionals Can Use/Access
  • Have $500,000 In Manageable Assets (Not Including Your Home) OR
  • Are 50+ Years Old (Sorry F.I.R.E. Community)
  • Want To Create A Simple But Custom Retirement Plan That Won't Completely Fall Apart In Cases Of Dementia or A Spouses Death

We know You Are Wondering...

How It Works & What To Do Now


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Risk-Based Planning Different Than Traditional Planning?

Traditional planning helps you get up the mountain (or to retirement), risk-based planning helps you get down the mountain (or through retirement).

Who Do You Work With?

We are best able to help individuals and couples age 50+ who have manageable assets (excluding their primary residency) worth approximately $500,000+

What Services Do You Provide?

Our basic services included risk-based retirement planning, retirement tax analysis, social security claiming strategizing, wealth/asset management, and more.

Do I Have To Move My Assets Over To Be Managed By You?

Yes we require you move your assets over in order to work with us.

What If I Already Have A Traditional Plan?

That is great, hopefully it is helping you get to retirement. We still recommend working with us though, as our specialty is combatting your financial risks that can prevent you from getting through retirement.

Why Should I Sign Up For This Now and Not Wait?

The longer you wait the more risk you are exposed to, for that reason we recommend individuals and couples start by their mid 50's where and when possible.

Is My Plan For My Spouse & I?

Yes, only in rare cases of divorce or other extraneous circumstances will you and your spouse need separate plans.

How Long Does It Take You To Put A Plan Together For Me?

Typically, the process is a couple of months. But if you include any underwriting for insurances and annuities you may want to put in place, times will vary.

Can I Do This Myself?

Yes, BUT! We can't emphasize this enough. While there are some of our services you can do yourself others require licenses and expertise that is not worth it for one individual to pursue just for their own retirement.

What If I Don't Have A Plan Yet?

No worries, as long as you are 50+ years old we can still help you! Risk-based planning doesn't require a traditional plan to be in place.

Could You Walk Me Through Your Process?

Absolutely, it's pretty simple on your end. First, schedule an appointment with our team. Second, show up to that online meeting. And third, provide the information needed for our team to put your stuff together... and you're done. Everything else we'll do behind the scenes or will reach out with any further instruction.


Investment advisory services offered through Brookstone Wealth Advisors, LLC (BWA), a registered investment advisor and an affiliate of Brookstone Capital Management, LLC. BWA and Retirement Risk Advisors are independent of each other. Insurance products and services are not offered through BWA but are offered and sold through individually licensed and appointed agents.



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Step 2 – Get to Know You
Step 3 – Design Your Plan
Step 4 – Provide Education
​Step 5 – Help You Take Action


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